The importance of 'Defence Statements' – Chambers’ pupil secures acquittal!

17 May 2023

Drystone Chambers pupil barrister, Lidia Iancu, secures acquittal for her client in respect of an allegation of stalking involving fear of violence.  The complainant provided evidence of calls, emails and home visits but under cross-examination, conceded that she made numerous calls and sent numerous messages to the defendant.  Evidence of this was only served by the Crown after service of the Defence Statement as previously only messages from the defendant to the complainant had been disclosed on the defence.  The magistrates concluded that there was no stalking and the defendant was acquitted.

Lidia was instructed by Mary Cleaver from Oslers Solicitors.

The allegation of stalking involving fear of violence is a serious one in the context of cases that magistrates deal with.  The case highlights that Defence Statements, whilst voluntary in the magistrates’ court, are a crucial tool for the defence.