Wayne Cleaver appears in novel dual-jurisdiction case

11 December 2019

Wayne Cleaver has appeared in a case before Ipswich Crown Court also sitting as a Court Martial. The defendant was accused of committing sexual offences during his period as a serving Army Officer. Some of those offences were committed whilst serving in Germany and therefore subject only to military jurisdiction. Upon his return to the UK in 1993 the defendant continued to offend in a similar way. These offences were under the UK jurisdiction and correctly prosecuted by the CPS. The novel position arose that a series of offences had been committed across two separate jurisdictions. The proceedings were consolidated and presented as one case at Ipswich Crown Court where HHJ Peters sat both as a Judge of the Crown Court and a Judge Advocate of a Court Martial. The UK offences were presented by Wayne Cleaver on behalf of the CPS whilst the overseas offences were prosecuted by a Colonel of the Armed Forces. This unique procedure is believed to be the first time any court has sat simultaneously as both a Crown Court and a Court Martial. For more information see press links below:

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