Wayne Cleaver secures conviction in ‘Unwinnable’ rape trial.

3 December 2019

Wayne Cleaver has secured four Rape convictions in the trial of Brunno Tajima. The victim alleged that she had been repeatedly raped after a night out celebrating her 18th birthday. The defendant claimed all sexual activity was consensual and denied crucial parts of the allegation despite compelling forensic evidence against him. The police decided to take no further action. The CPS later concluded that there was no realistic prospect of conviction and declined to authorised charge. The victim requested that the evidence be re-examined under the 'Victims Right to Review Scheme’. Wayne Cleaver reviewed all available evidence and ultimately persuaded the CPS to reverse their original decision and to charge the defendant. Contrary to the prevailing view the evidence did passed the evidential test and there was a realistic prospect of conviction. The 10 day trial resulted in the conviction of Tajima on all counts of Rape. He was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment. See press links below:

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