Wayne Cleaver secures convictions in Historic Sex case

19 March 2020

R v ASIF - Wayne Cleaver has secured convictions on all counts in a complicated historic sex trial. The case involved multiple victims of offences committed up to 40 years ago. The investigation and presentation of the case was extremely sensitive due to the cultural and religious backgrounds of all concerned. There had been constant reluctance on the part of the complainants and many other witnesses to co-operate with the police and also with the trial process itself. Only as a result of very careful handling of the individual witnesses and the deployment of an array of bespoke special measures was it possible to secure their attendance and the crucial evidence which they did eventually provide. As a result of the delicate handling of the case the three week trial resulted in full convictions and sentences totalling 18 years imprisonment. Wayne was instructed by Thames & Chiltern RASSO team. For more information see press link below:

  1. BBC News