William Carter Successfully Prosecutes ‘Queens Harpist’ For Historic Sexual Abuse

5 February 2018

William Carter recently concluded a case at Ipswich Crown Court that was widely reported in the media due to the nature of the abuse and the individuals involved. After a thirty year period had elapsed, the victim finally reported the abuse he experienced at the hands of a famous harpist and his trusted teacher.

Danielle Perrett, 59, and her former fiancé Richard Barton-Wood, 68, were found guilty of repeatedly abusing a boy in the early 1980s. After befriending the victim, Barton-Wood paid him to help repair a boat called the Hobgoblin and gave him alcohol and cigarettes. The court heard the former teacher carried out 'shocking' sexual assaults on him while on overnight sailing trips on the yacht and during trips abroad together. The prosecution stated that Perrett took the virginity of the 14-year-old victim in her London flat after Barton-Wood brought him there after seeing her play in a hotel recital in 1984. Jurors at Ipswich Crown Court heard Barton-Wood joined the pair in bed the night the victim lost his virginity to Perrett. The jury of ten men and two women took a little more than nine hours to reach a decision, returning majority verdicts on all counts.

Addressing the defendants, Judge Rupert Overbury said: 'I make no bones about this at all. The sentence you are facing when you return to this court is prison. These are serious sexual offences.'

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