Zarif Khan acts for billionaire heiress charged with being drunk in charge of an infant

8 August 2017

Zarif Khan recently concluded mitigation at Stratford Magistrates Court on behalf of Nicole Ovchinnikova. The court heard that Miss Ovchinnikova was observed by guests and hotel staff drinking for a prolonged period with the child and a male friend. The male was observed falling over due to intoxication and Police were called further to reports to the staff from guests. 

Zarif Khan told the court she came from a 'respectable family' and there had been a great deal of coverage in the UK and Russia due to her connections. He said: 'A lot of what the night manager says is hearsay. But there was no concern raised when he first observed her at 11pm. This was in the confines of a hotel and not in the open or out on the M4 or driving. It was a respectful hotel with CCTV and there were numerous people about. This case has had an enormous effect on her.'

In sentencing, the Chair of the Bench said: 'This is the saddest possible case for you. It's quite clear you were drunk and so was your male friend. This was a public place and presumably had the hotel authorities be concerned they could have told you to go to bed but they didn't, so we can deal with this by a fine.'

Miss Ovchinnikova was ordered to pay a £500 fine, £620 court costs and a £50 victim's surcharge. See below for press links: