Zarif Khan Appears In People Smuggling Case

17 April 2018

Zarif Khan recently appeared in a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court involving four Ukranian nationals charged with people smuggling after a yacht with 19 migrants on board landed in the popular tourist port of Southwold on the Suffolk coast. All four men were from Ukraine and of no fixed abode in the UK. Officers from the Border Force and National Crime Agency (NCA), patrolling the waters on the vessel Alert, boarded the yacht after it reached port.

Yurii Dzhuraniuk and Mykhailo Roik, both 27, collected 10 of the immigrants and were arrested en route to London, Blackfriars Crown Court heard. They denied people smuggling. Yuri Karakin, 27, was acquitted. Evhenii Vasilikov, 30, had admitted the charge.

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