Zarif Khan concludes Operation Mime: People trafficking

10 August 2015

Operation Mime involved the smuggling of 35 Sikhs, including women and young children from Afghanistan via Zeebrugge in Belgium to England in a shipping container. Upon arrival at Tilbury Docks in Essex the clandestines were discovered by the authorities in various state of despair after they raised the alarm by banging on the steel metal container walls. Upon discovery one of the clandestine’s a Mr. Meet Sing Kapoor aged 40 had died leaving behind a wife and children who were also in the container with him. The clandestines had spent many hours with little air and no water and confined to a space of some 4 feet in height, the conditions were described as 'absolutely appalling’. Zarif Khan was lead Counsel and represented one of the lead defendants who was said to have travelled to Europe and helped to organise the operation from the ground, attending upon meetings with other organisers, (including one of the those suspected to be a major people smuggler in Europe by interpol) as well as meeting two of the clandestine in Belgium to give them instructions about the journey to the United Kingdom. Zarif Khan had previously represented the defendant on the importation of 10 kilograms of heroin.