Allison Summers KC


Allison Summers KC is a specialist criminal law advocate undertaking a range of heavyweight cases on the South-Eastern and Midland Circuits. She is known for her meticulous case preparation, formidable court advocacy and client care. Now an exclusively defence-based practitioner, she specialises in cases of homicide, serious violence and sexual offences. Allison was elected Head of Chambers in November 2021.

Her range of experience in homicide cases covers multi-handed murders often involving issues of joint enterprise, domestic killings, somnambulism (sleep walking) and infanticide. Allison has an established practice in cases involving rape and other serious sexual offences. She frequently represents elderly defendants and professionals charged with both historic and recent sexual offences.

Allison is often instructed in cases involving young and vulnerable defendants and witnesses. Her youngest client was 13 years old (charged with murder). Her oldest was 92 years old (charged with historical sexual abuse). She has conducted cases involving the use of intermediaries both for prosecution witnesses and for the defendant. She conducts robust but fair and appropriate cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses.

She has extensive experience of dealing with defendants with mental health problems and other behavioural problems such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as other psychiatric illnesses.

Solicitors often go to Allison where there are difficult or unusual features in a case. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to identifying and instructing appropriate experts. She draws on her experience as an Assistant Coroner to undertake cases involving extensive or complex medical issues and has undertaken several cases of homicide where medical causation has been an issue.

Formerly a member of the Attorney General’s List of Prosecuting Advocates and the Serious Fraud Office Advocates List, she undertook large and complex fraud work. She draws on this experience when analysing factually complex cases. She was retained in a number of sensitive and complex cases specifically as disclosure counsel. She continues to have a particular interest in disclosure and this is often put to use in cases where there is third party material. 

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