Lidia Iancu


Prior to commencing pupillage, Lidia worked for over 4 years as a Legal Adviser in the Magistrates’ Court. She has experience of the trial process from start to finish. Lidia assisted unrepresented defendants by conducting the cross-examination of prosecution witnesses, and the examination-in-chief of defence witnesses. She has experience of dealing with youths charged with robbery, section 18 and drug offences.

Previously, Lidia worked as a Probation Service Officer in the Magistrates’ Court.  She interviewed vulnerable defendants suffering with mental health or substance misuse daily.  She delivered at times 4 on the day pre-sentence reports.

Lidia completed an internship at the European Court of Human Rights where she drafted reports and decisions on cases where the applicant had been a victim of rape, convicted of bribery or drug trafficking.  One of her draft decisions was put before the Third Section of the Court and it is now a published judgment (Toran and Schymik v Romania).

Lidia is a native Romanian and fluent Spanish speaker.

CPS Advocate Panel: Level 1 (general crime).

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