Unyime Davies


Unyime is a criminal law specialist with a reputation as a formidable and persuasive advocate across the whole spectrum of criminal offences. She is known for her meticulous case preparation and client care. Unyime undertakes work in London and on the Western and South Eastern Circuits.

Unyime's effective communication skills and sensitivity has led her to being instructed frequently in cases involving very young children, as both defendants and witnesses. She has also prosecuted and defended in cases involving vulnerable defendants and/or witnesses. Unyime has built an expertise in all sexual offences (both prosecuting and defending) including rape.

Unyime is frequently instructed in cases alleging serious violence up to and including attempted murder. She is a well regarded and sought after junior for both the prosecution and defence and has been led in several cases including multi-handed drugs conspiracy and large scale fraud cases. She is a Grade 3 prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service as well as being a member of the CPS panel of rape specialists.

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Areas of practice


  • Called to the Bar 2006
  • LLB (Hons) – Kings College London
  • BVC – BPP Law School
  • Grade 3 Prosecutor on Western and South Eastern circuits
  • RASSO Approved Counsel

Associations and memberships

  • Member of Middle Temple
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Western Circuit
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Grade 3 CPS Prosecutor
  • CPS Rape Panel
  • Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association
  • Young Fraud Lawyers Association
  • Inquest Lawyers Group

Notable cases

General Crime

R v B [2016] . Defence Counsel . Historic sexual abuse case. Defendant accused of raping both his step daughters when they were aged between 6 and 15.

R v P [2016]. Prosecution Counsel . Defendant was a serving police officer found to be in possession of indecent images of children and extreme pornography. Case involved complicated expert evidence and 4 experts giving evidence.

R v C [2016]. Defence Counsel for a young man accused of strangling and raping his ex girlfriend.

R v Walsh [2016]. Defence Counsel for a homeless man accused of the attempted murder of two young children. Defendant had significant mental health issues

R v Collins and Others [2016] Defence Counsel (junior alone) in a multi handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

R v . Gostaustas [2016] Defence Counsel in an RSPCA prosecution for violation of the Animal Health Act . The defendant was dubbed “britain’s biggest ever puppy smuggler "

R v Pudovs (2016) Huntingdon Crown Court – successful prosecution under new coersive control laws

R v Mcnamee and Others [2015]. Prosecution led junior. Led by Barnaby Shaw in a 14 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs case.

R v M & Others [2015]. Defence Counsel in a multi-handed rape case. The defendant had been accused of a gang and stranger raping of a young woman. The case also involved complicate expert DNA evidence.

R v R & Other [2015] Defence Counsel for a man accused of aggravated burglary involving a taser. After a successful 7 day voire dire (legal argument) the identification evidence was excluded and the prosecution offered no evidence against the defendant.

R v Lasarska , Suski and Others [2015]. Led junior for the first two defendants on the indictment. The defendants were accused of large scale fraud on ebay of luxury Estee Lauder products.

R v Jarvis and Others [2015] . Prosecution counsel in a 6 defendant multi-handed conspiracy to rob . The defendants targeted newsagents late at night to steal tobacco, alcohol and money from the tills

R v Frost [2015] . Prosecution counsel in a arson with intent to endanger life . The case involved complicated evidence from experts.

R v Hunt [2015]. Defence counsel for a woman accused of stabbing her love rival.

R v Drinkwater [2014] Prosecution counsel . The defendant was an experience confidence fraudster and had assumed the identity of a famous business man to defraud her employers of their company and life savings. Defendant later had a financial reporting order imposed on her.

R v Ames and Others [2014] . Defence counsel (junior alone) in a multi handed kidnapping and aggravated burglary case.

R v N . Defence counsel for a woman charged with child abduction . She was accused of abducting her 5 children by taking them out of the jurisdiction without the father’s permission.

R v A. Defence counsel. Man accused of Rape and Sexual assault . The defendant was represented by Unyime in both his trials.

R v Evans and others (2014) Winchester Crown Court – Defending as Led Junior (with Robert Bryan) the Director of a metal fabrication business in an 8-week conspiracy to supply cocaine in Hampshire and Surrey.

R v L, L and L (2013) Instructed defence counsel in alleged 3 million Court of Protection fraud.

R v Stewart (2013) Junior led by Louisa Bagley defending 1 of 9 defendants in a 7 week trial in relation to an alleged drug supply conspiracy.

R v Stanislaus (2013) Defending in conspiracy to supply drugs whilst remanded in Winchester Prison. The case involves prison surveillance of communications by inmates.

R v Stanley (2013) Prosecuting counsel in trial of s.18/s.20 grievous bodily harm with intent. Involved complex legal argument as complainant could not be found. The defendant was successfully convicted of s.18 despite the victim not being present to give evidence.

R v Aston and Ors (2013) Defending a in a 4 handed conspiracy to comitt burglary

R v N and Others (2012) Defending one of 7 youths charged with Attempted s. 18 and ABH on a school friend.

R v MW and Others (2012) Defending one of group of 5 youths charged with attempted s.18 on a police officer

R v Rowe (2012) Prosecuting counsel in a complex boat fraud case involving 23 counts of fraud and £500, 000 of loss

R v Rhodes (2012) Prosecuting counsel in a multiple theft matter: Burglar committed multiple offences targeting pensioners

R v Reilly [2009] – instructed as defence counsel in an unusual case involving breach discharge consent on a trout farm, with expert witnesses.

R v M [2010] – defence counsel in a trial involving multiple counts of sexual offences involving 2 child complainants and a defendant suffering from mental illness.

R v C [2010] – defence counsel in a trial involving Grievous Bodily Harm and perverting the course of justice.

R v Whitlock and Higgins [2010] – defence counsel in a two handed dangerous driving trial.

R v Lovegrove [2011] – prosecution counsel in a trial involving a police officer charged with theft from ‘lost property’. *

R v Harmer [2011] – prosecution counsel in a trial of possession with intent to supply class B drugs.

R v Gorham [2011] – prosecution counsel in a matter involving a Special Constable found to be in possession of indecent images of children.

R v J [2011] – defence counsel in a case where the defendant is alleged to have had sexual intercourse with his underage sister.

R v Young Husband [2011] – defence counsel in a case involving possession of Mephedrone (Miaow Miaow)

R v S & F [2011] – defence counsel in a trial involving fraud by false representation and money laundering

Regulatory and Other work

R v D 2013 Court of Protection case – represented the challenger of Last Power of Attorney

LB Ealing v CD 2013 Represented a small furniture business in alleged breach of Health and Safety requirement and allegedly selling goods that did not comply with fire safety standards

LB Brent v M 2013 Represented a private landlord in alleged breach of enforcement notice for one of his rented property

FACT v H 2013 Represented a public landlord who allegedly showing Sky Sports on his premises illegally.

Court of Appeal

R v Garnes [2011] EWCA Crim 3090 Unyime successfully appealed a sentence of for burglary. The sentence was reduced from 2 years to 16 months on the basis that the original sentence was manifestly excessive.

R v Ankerson [2015] EWCA Crim 549; (2015) 179 J.P. 219. Unyime successfully responded to an appeal against conviction relating intention and mens rea when threatening to commit criminal damage.

R v Birch [2015] EWCA Crim 2289; Official Transcript. Successfully appealed conviction in case relating to convictions in absentia and European Arrest Warrants.